found any good Nicole porn look a likes?

I haven’t. Please make sure to let me know if you do.

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Caps of Cole from their BBHD PV  by dromX

Thanks a lot for those!


dem abs <3

You could crush my dreams on those abs.


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Nicole - TQ Summer Love Version A & Version B Cover

Oh Nicole wearing the newly released brand “Colejjang” shoes. Wow Colejjang those are some nice heels.




Cheongrim & Cole would make one dangggg hot couple  <3

That will be GREAT couple ….

I want to know anything about him , the last thing i know that he go to the Army & will finished  early of this  year 



Me too! He should hv finished army by now, really hope he’ll continue as an artist  :) .. too bad can’t find anything much on him nowadays ..

Look at how Nicole smiles to him and goes to scratch the back of her neck or play with her hair. She is such a tease. She knows what she’s doing..

To those who think 91-line (Mir, Nicole, Key, Nana, etc.) are just friends..

Do you seriously really believe that? You think the relationships between them aren’t awkward?

I can’t believe that..
Not when you have the most beautiful, cute, sexy, lovely, fun women on earth in Nicole who has the charms to make men fall in love with her instantly simply by looking at them and who also LOVES to play with men and flirt around, even with her friends..

Combine that with the fact that she’s never had a boyfriend before and is now 21 years old and add in two guys full of hormones and confidence who are probably used to getting all the girls they want easily..

I think it must already be really awkward between them. 

91 line is a scandal time bomb ticking down in my opinion.

Obviously I get jealous when it comes to Nicole. I want what’s best for her.. I happen to think that extremely busy girlish guy celebrities that are out of touch with reality and probably still spoon fed might not be the best for her..  I could be wrong. More importantly I just want her to be happy, if one of them makes her happy, fine, I’ll get behind that, but this multiple close guy friends 91 line business seems really awkward to me.

No no no no no no no nnnoooo

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Can’t wait to see Cole performed this at the MTV VMAJ 2013  … u go girl!!

My favorite moment from her dance practice video. Dear God…

Nicole - Dance for You - part deux

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Nicole - Dance For You practice

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